=> Be the Beta Trolls
If it wasn’t clear from the last pic post

Be the Beta Trolls is closed and will not be updating like ever again guys. It’s now an archive. For new updates go to the new and more canonical Be the Alpha Trolls. Thanks again everyone.

> T!Aranea: Tell a Story

((i decided to finish this since it was only missing its word bubbles. now BTBT is offically 100% on hiatus until further notice))

Be the Beta Trolls is officially on hiatus

Due to the recent Update, BTBT will be non-updating for…oh…a while until all this can be figured out. This means that Trickster!week has also been cut short and the half completed ask currently in the artist’s PS program may not be finished. Please bare with us as we strive to come to terms with BTBT being nearly 100% retconned. Thank you and good night tumblr.

> T!Meenah: Get Distracted by Pie

=> Talk about some Trickster feelings


My moirail’s just started her own ask blog for our fav middleblood girls. Check it out and show her some love guys!

((cross posting here because you’ve seen her work here with some of the guest art posts. go and show her as much love as you show me here guys!))

>T!Keta and T!Panos: Talk About the T!Hemospectrum

HS: Trickster of Light by *KPenDragon