=> Be the Beta Trolls

((asks now closed. tomorrow the trickster!shenanigans shall ensue. all the shenanigans…))


How the Betas Died -fandub- (by KPenDragon88)

My first attempt at a fan dub XD;;;; I suck, but at least it kept me busy all afternoon! XD

((this is totally relevant to here…I apologize for my horrid voice though ^^; ))

I like it, personally. But I’d like to know exactly what you define as a “Trickster” question?

((hm…now that you voice that i guess i’m not even 100% sure what i meant/was thinking when i said that…but i do know asking something that referances an event from a previous “normal” thing isn’t “trickster”. idk now. just go on i guess asking whatever. i’ll pick through them later and decide what to and not answer like usual, just more pickily than usual ^^; i just was mostly saying that this is for a specific event, try to keep that in mind when asking))

((um…just an fyi guys I really only opened the box for trickster!questions…and i’ve been getting alot of normal questions…if trickster!week is a dumb idea tell me now and i’ll cancel it because i actually still have a big backstock of regular questions, but i was wanting to do something special to break it up. but like i said, if trickster!week seems stupid just tell me and we’ll go back to our regularly schedualed silliness…so stick with trickster!week or no? ))

=> Engage in Trickster!mode

((and some bonus sprites too))

((it’s now officially Trickster!week. Ask box is open until tonight for Trickster!questions XDD))
> Kumba: Seek Shelter With Your…Moirail?

> KetaMeen: Plot Your Revenge

=> Be Grub Sprites

> Morro: Talk About Your Blood

> Colt: Hang with Tavros